Finnish Craft & Design 2017

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Product categories which are presented and available for purchase at the Finnish Craft & Design on 17.-19.11.2017

• Ready made design and crafts products made in Finland, including clothes, accessories, home utensils and decorations, post cards and candles.

• All equipment used in the production of previously mentioned product groups can be produced elsewhere than Finland, items  such as knitting needles, threads, beads, crafts papers.

New visitor record in 2016 – 44,419 visitors explored unique products

Once again cheerful people interested in skilfully made products filled the entire Exhibition and Sports Centre as Europe's largest handicrafts fair and the Antique Autumn event brought together a total of 799 exhibitors and 44,419 visitors. Among the exhibitors, 665 represented the handicrafts and applied arts field, 95 were Antique Autumn exhibitors and 39 were Deli exhibitors. This year the new Linnakallio remote parking lot made traffic smoother around the centre and the solution was praised by the visitors. The most anticipated handicrafts and design event of the year will bring some light to the darkness again next year, 17–19 November 2017, and for example the Finland 100 Years anniversary will be part of the program in many ways.

“It is safe to say that the event has conquered the hearts of those interested in handicrafts. Once again people who appreciate beauty and unique items got together under one roof to be surrounded by colours, light, joy and ideas. The Finnish Craft & Design Fair is a collective event that brings together the entire field each year. Collaboration is also essential in organising the event. Together with our partners and exhibitors we are able to create a successful fair with a unique atmosphere,” says Mervi Oksanen, product group manager for consumer fairs.

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